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Treams provides an intuitive and complete format for the performance review. You can also integrate, with Treams, the performance management in the daily work.


Individual, team and organizational goals


Each employee complete a logbook


Individual and collective skills 


Self-organize the HR review


Assess and reward 


Personal language preference


Take action, notes and track progress 


Simple design




results start with a good discussion

Treams is a good basis for the conduct of formal discussions in the HR review:

  • Targets
  • Progress
  • Appraisals

The tool provides a clear handle to make agreements about results and competences. In addition to individual goals, you can easily set goals for all people in a team, department or for anyone. Treams operates with its own competencies of the organization and also supports competence management based on level descriptions.



simple design

Treams is easy to work with, not only for employees and managers, but also for HR. Treams offers plenty of space to establish a flexible process for the HR review itself.



overview for managers

The supervisor is essential in the role of creating results and employee development. Treams calmly helps the manager with practical tools to ascertain a strategic role. There is support for daily work: all the daily notes, agreements and promotions for an employee are organized together. The link with Outlook and Google Calendar import agreements made in the daily diary. Several other reports are also easily generated.