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Following up on the development agreements with employees in Treams is easy and fun. Treams has the talents to see within a team or organization where the quality and potential is. Treams also turns off the current situation against your future so you know where to send it.


Personal development


Internal recruitment


Succession planning


Strategic personnel planning


Potential matrix


Measuring quality


All ambitions and talents on show


Recruitment, promotion and outflow



insight in succession planning

By organization, region, country or international level, Treams gives insight into which steps can and will continue in the future. With clever reporting it is readily apparent; that makes it possible to sort for an adequate inflow, flow and outflow. It also gives insight into Treams ambition and potential: who is ready to fill key positions?



focus on the next step

In Treams each employee has a personal development process, which shows the ambitions of the employee now and in the long term. By asking the right questions in Treams, created in consultation with the manager, a clear picture of ones next step is created. This can be both horizontally and vertically.
The development process of an employee can be adjusted at any time. If conditions change or if there are new insights. The development agreement can be held as often as is necessary or desirable.



future is forward

The Treamatrix provides insight into the potential and performance of employees. At an organizational level, this is a powerful analysis of the existing quality and potential. Especially when it is plotted and compared to what is needed in the future. You get instant deeper understanding of what is necessary to achieve the objectives for the coming years. Should the focus, for example, be on retaining talent or influx of new talent? Or a combination? With Treams you can answer strategic HR issues at a higher level.

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