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Het oplossen van complexe problemen laat het hart van menig ingenieur sneller kloppen. Persoonlijke ontwikkeling is belangrijk, maar vooral in de vorm van uitdagend werk en de kans om hierin een bijdrage te leveren. Wij begrijpen dat performance management alleen werkt met weinig poespas, en met veel verantwoordelijkheid en regie bij de medewerker zelf. Treams stimuleert medewerkers om zelf op onderzoek uit te gaan naar de beste versie van zichzelf. En daarbij sluiten we aan bij wat iemand wil en kan: een passende oplossing voor elk niveau. Complex? Nee, helaas niet 😉

Screenshot van het performance management platform van Treams met daarbij drie foto's van engineers en techneuten

Forget one size fits all. Development is for everyone!

Make better decisions based on data

Match development goals to the needs of every employee

Find colleagues with the right skills, knowledge and experience

Join more than 10,000 engineer teams using Treams

Data = everything

Make better decisions based on data

Have a better understanding of why people leave the company. Treams provides you with the data you need to understand why this occurs. The smart dashboards in Treams provide the data you need to take early action and tackle emerging problems. And this is all done automatically and in one complete package.

Ontwikkeling en prestaties van medewerkers online
Templates voor performance management cyclus

Templates for every profile

Match development goals to the needs of every employee

‘One size fits all’ no longer applies to the development and performance of employees. Based on years of experience, we have compiled various templates to ensure the development cycle fits well with what someone can and wants to do. This makes personal growth feasible for everyone and leads to a higher motivation and satisfaction of all employees.

Build strong teams

Find colleagues with the right skills, knowledge and experience

Treams makes it possible for employees to easily search each other’s profiles based on name, department, skills and experience. A first-rate search system is essential for you to find the right people. This way you can easily find people with a certain experience or knowledge. Being able to search well is essential to find people. This way employees can easily approach potential mentors and coaches.

In addition, it helps you to swiftly fill in job vacancies. And this in turn immediately offers a development opportunity for a colleague. Win-win!

Vind de juiste medewerkers met de juiste skills of ervaring

Treams user experience


Is the number of languages which Treams is available in. In terms of language and content, connect with the different cultures of collaboration worldwide. Ideal for international teams.


Employees are very satisfied with Treams thanks to development goals tailored to their own level.


of all our users only use Treams on their mobile phone.

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We strive for our employees to develop. For this to happen you need the input of someone else. Treams has made employees aware that receiving and giving feedback is not scary and giving compliments can be fun!

Petra Hasselo, HR Manager at Brabantia


Vind gemakkelijk talent met Treams

Better progress

Close the backdoor. Offer top talent a challenging perspective

When a valued employee leaves the company, it can cost the equivalent of 6 to 9 months’ salary to fully replace this employee. Treams is equipped with smart dashboards to provide you with the right signals and insights to facilitate progression and retain your top talent.

Inzicht in de prestaties en ontwikkeling van ieder team in Treams


Convert organisational growth into development opportunities for employees

According to top talent, the lack of challenging work is the number one reason for leaving an organisation. Luckily the advantage of a (fast) growing organisation is that new challenges are presented every day. The company is constantly on the move and this offers plenty of opportunities for employees to grow. Treams makes it easy to gain insight into these development opportunities and to capitalize on them. This is how you retain your talent and not lose valuable employees to the competition.

Inzicht in managers die het goed doen in Treams


Create a team everyone wants to be in

Research shows high engagement leads to increased productivity, retention and profitability. Treams provides you with real-time insight into employee engagement and provides actionable data to drive development and increase engagement.