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Convert organisational growth into development opportunities for employees

According to top talent, the lack of challenging work is the number one reason for leaving an organisation. Luckily the advantage of a (fast) growing organisation is that new challenges are presented every day. The company is constantly on the move and this offers plenty of opportunities for employees to grow. Treams makes it easy to gain insight into these development opportunities and to capitalize on them. This is how you retain your talent and not lose valuable employees to the competition.

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Streamline performance management with the rapid growth of your organisation

A personal cycle for every employee

Make timely adjustments and bring focus

An extension of your brand

Join more than 10,000 teams using Treams


A personal cycle for every employee

Treams seamlessly connects development goals to both the timing and content of someone’s role. What follows is a clever series of milestones at the right time. These have been developed in such a way that they perfectly match someone’s daily practice: a parcel deliverer receives for example different development goals to what a web developer does. Treams fully automates this process. This method is successful with all our customers, which is unsurprising: development is much more fun if it is manageable, personalised and challenging for everyone.

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Grow smarter

Make timely adjustments and bring focus

In a fast-growing organisation, it is a challenge to maintain the right focus and streamline growth. Connecting individual and team goals to the top priorities of the organisation is key to success. In short-cycle sprints, Treams ensures employees always know what is important at that moment. And this is also essential for them because making a contribution relevant to the organisation is the main driver for having a sense of purpose in work.

Yes, appearance does matter

An extension of your brand

With Treams you don’t just get an app, you get your app! Impress your employees with an impressive and inspiring online environment with its own look & feel. Employees who are proud of their employer radiate this to each other, customers and future colleagues. Give employees even more reason to be proud of their brand and invest straightaway in their personal growth and development with Treams.

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more engaged employees as they set their own goals


of the employees are very satisfied with Treams thanks to the personalisation of performance management


More retention of top talent by offering development perspectives and growth opportunities

“Research among 1000 employees from Swapfiets showed that personal development was much needed. The employees wanted more insight into their future prospects and wanted to have their personal goals clear at all times. This is easy to achieve in Treams. This is how the collaboration was born”.

Sophie van Neer, HR advisor at Swapfiets


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Swapfiets finds a solution by setting goals and creating a feedback culture

Last year, Swapfiets conducted a survey among more than 1000 employees. This survey showed their staff needed more personal development. They wanted more insight into their future prospects within Swapfiets and wanted to have clear personal goals. This is how the collaboration between Swapfiets and Treams was born.


How do you offer employees a development perspective?

It is important for employees to continue to develop in order for organisations to grow. In addition, personal growth and development is a must for the future generation. But how do you facilitate this as an organisation?

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Set goals

Do you know this feeling? You are feeling stuck at work for a while. And because the world is moving so fast, standing still is actually going backwards. You don’t set goals and you work without direction. Without a dot on the horizon, which means you do not know where your development is going at all. Time for change!

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