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Employees who are the best version of themselves: this is what counts. Research shows high employee engagement leads to better performance and higher productivity. Treams provides real-time insight into employee engagement and provides actionable data and inspiration to drive employee development and increase their engagement.

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Engagement is the main driver of performance

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Create opportunity for honest communication

Make goal setting motivating and meaningful

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Surveys for immediate insight

Take action where necessary

It is important to really know your people and their needs. To found out this information, it is important to listen carefully. Treams helps you to listen carefully and provides insight into what your employees find important. Do they have sufficient autonomy and what about their confidence in leadership? Find out what is important and improve upon it. The surveys in Treams collect feedback from employees and provide direct insight into their involvement. These insights will help you turn every employee into a true ambassador for your organisation.

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Create opportunity for honest communication

Feedback is an essential part of continuous development, improved performance and teamwork. By giving employees frequent forward-looking feedback, they have the ability to improve their performance little by little. Thanks to Treams, you ask the right questions and improve the quality of feedback. In addition, Treams helps you to have useful feedback conversations at the right time.

Set goals, follow up and achieve!

Make goal setting motivating and meaningful

For a goal to have purpose, it needs to be a seamless part of someone’s day-to-day work. The impact and expectations surrounding goals must also be clear. And of course it is essential employees set their own goals and choose priorities. Only then will goals lead to better performance. Treams ensures employees align their personal goals with organisational goals and makes the results tangible.

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Employees who are involved in goal setting are

4x more

involved in the organisation.


of employees worldwide are not engaged in their work.


of employee engagement is influenced by their manager.

Melissa Uljevic - True

When I was introduced to Treams, it was immediately clear to me that there were many ways we could organise our performance management differently. We immediately took the plunge and started with a small group, which we later expanded. Every True employee now has access to his or her goals and development plan anytime and anywhere.

Melissa Uljevic, Head of HR at True & Broad Horizon


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Performance Management must be smart and simple

“At True we used to work with a long questionnaire consisting of fixed questions to adhere to standards. This was far from user-friendly. We also wanted to look to the future and not assess performance as an afterthought. We rigorously discontinued this method of cyclical assessment in 2018. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our managers and employees by giving them all the tools they needed to perform this task successfully”.

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Reduce your absenteeism through passionate and committed employees

More and more employees leave work with burnout complaints. They experience increasing work pressure and less autonomy at work, are emotionally exhausted and feel ‘empty’ after a day of work. The percentage of employees with burnout complaints has increased by 5% from 2007 to 2017. Work pressure is often the problem but without work pressure boredom quickly sets in. This is why it is essential to find a middle ground. But how do you achieve this?

Werkboek: Hoe je stap voor stap bouwt aan een feedbackcultuur


How to build a step-by-step feedback culture

The switch to a feedback culture is not easy. This workbook will help you navigate the first steps towards a feedback culture through assignments, tips & tricks and theory.