Increased mobility

Close the backdoor. Offer top talent a challenging perspective

When a valued employee leaves the company, it can cost the equivalent of 6 to 9 months’ salary to fully replace this employee. This can be even more expensive for specialist positions. Treams is equipped with smart dashboards to provide you with the right signals and insights to increase talent mobility.

Inzicht in prestaties van medewerkers - Treams

Retain your most talented staff by offering them continuous challenges and facilitate advancement

Find colleagues with the right skills, knowledge and experience

Find and retain top talent

Make better decisions based on data

Join more than 10,000 teams using Treams

Build strong teams

Find colleagues with the right skills, knowledge and experience

Treams makes it possible for employees to easily search each other’s profiles based on name, department, skills and experience. A first-rate search system is essential for you to find the right people. This is how employees gain the opportunity to approach potential mentors and coaches with the click of a button.

In addition, it helps you to swiftly fill in job vacancies. And this in turn immediately offers a development opportunity for a colleague. Win-win!

Vind de juiste medewerkers met de juiste skills of ervaring
Inzicht in talent binnen organisatie - Treams

Find and retain top talent

Keep your best people in the company and away from your competitors

Employees who feel involved and have the opportunity to develop will stay in the company. Treams provides you with the insights you need to understand the needs of your employees. This is how you can easily discover what employees are looking for in the future and challenge them to discover new things and further develop themselves. Stay ahead of your competition by always offering a challenging and suitable development path. Make employees the best version of themselves.

Data = everything

Make better decisions based on data

Have a better understanding of why people leave the company. Treams provides you with the data you need to understand why this occurs. The smart dashboards in Treams provide the data you need to take early action and tackle emerging problems. And this is all done automatically and in one complete package.

Ontwikkeling en prestaties van medewerkers online

Performance management to ensure employees stay

Continuous feedback

Fair evaluations

Set and achieve goals

Treams user experience


of employees quit because of their boss, not their job.


less turnover of top talent


less recruitment and selection costs thanks to internal job posting

“In order to provide employees with the sufficient knowledge and ensure the right people are in the right place, our focus is now on the development of talent. We have more talent in-house than we might think, which is why we want to think in terms of roles instead of job titles. We focus on the natural talents that someone has. What are they good at, what do they like and what do they feel comfortable with? This means we let go of job titles and focus on the role that someone can have within our organisation and what contribution they can make to the goals of Wonen Limburg”.

Tonny Gallardo, Office Manager at Wonen Limburg

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New focus in the HR policy of Wonen Limburg: "we strive to make optimal use of talent”.

The largest housing association in Limburg, Wonen Limburg, will focus strongly on talent development of their employees in the coming years. The ‘old-fashioned’ way of thinking in job titles is being replaced by the ‘new’ thinking in roles.

Start met Talent management


Talent management is not really rocket science

It is inspiring to see what companies do for their employees. At the same time, it is disappointing how little insight this provides and how dull and fragmented these instruments are. Learning, developing and performing make more sense when they are integrated. But how do you achieve this?

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How to build a step-by-step feedback culture

The switch to a feedback culture is not easy. This workbook will help you navigate the first steps towards a feedback culture through assignments, tips & tricks and theory.