Treams for IT

Performance management in agile organisations

We think differently about work. From the place where we work to deeply rooted ideas about the hierarchy in an organisation. Thanks to this changing view on work, working in teams is completely renewed. We quit top-down management and work increasingly more in agile teams. Leadership and responsibilities are fulfilled within the teams. Treams seamlessly connects performance management with a growth cycle which adapts to the needs of every team and every employee.

Inzicht in prestaties en ontwikkeling van je team met Treams

Streamline performance management and grow faster

Find colleagues with the right skills, knowledge and experience

Find and retain top talent

Make timely adjustments and bring focus

Join more than 10,000 IT teams using Treams

Build strong teams

Find colleagues with the right skills, knowledge and experience

It is essential to be able to search properly and find the right people. Treams allows you to easily search based on name, position, department, skills, experience and so on. This helps employees to find the right mentor or coach, as well as help managers and HR to quickly assign job vacancies. Win-win!

Vind de juiste medewerkers met de juiste skills of ervaring
Inzicht in talent binnen organisatie - Treams

Find and retain top talent

Keep your best people in the company and away from your competitors

Are your employees continuously challenged and able to develop? If yes, then they will stay longer. Treams gives you the insights you need to understand the needs of your employees. What is the next desired step? And how do you challenge someone to take this next step? As you continuously offer a challenging and suitable development path, you easily stay ahead of your competition.

Grow smarter

Make timely adjustments and bring focus

At an IT organisation it is a constant challenge to maintain the right focus and streamline growth. In Treams you connect individual and team goals to the most important priorities of the organisation. By working in short-cycle sprints, employees know what is important at any time.

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Treams user experience


more engaged employees as they set their own goals


of the employees are very satisfied with Treams thanks to the personalisation of performance management


More retention of top talent by offering development perspectives and growth opportunities

Melissa Uljevic - True

When I was introduced to Treams, it was immediately clear to me that there were many ways we could organise our performance management differently. We immediately took the plunge and started with a small group, which we later expanded. Every True employee now has access to his or her goals and development plan anytime and anywhere.

Melissa Uljevic, Head of HR at True & Broad Horizon


Vind gemakkelijk talent met Treams

Better progress

Close the backdoor. Offer top talent a challenging perspective

When a valued employee leaves the company, it can cost the equivalent of 6 to 9 months’ salary to fully replace this employee. Treams is equipped with smart dashboards to provide you with the right signals and insights to facilitate progression and retain your top talent.

Inzicht in de prestaties en ontwikkeling van ieder team in Treams


Convert organisational growth into development opportunties for employees

According to top talent, the lack of challenging work is the number one reason for leaving an organisation. Luckily the advantage of a (fast) growing organisation is that new challenges are presented every day. The company is constantly on the move and this offers plenty of opportunities for employees to grow. Treams makes it easy to gain insight into these development opportunities and to capitalize on them. This is how you retain your talent and not lose valuable employees to the competition.

Inzicht in managers die het goed doen in Treams


Create a team everyone wants to be in

Research shows high engagement leads to increased productivity, retention and profitability. Treams provides you with real-time insight into employee engagement and provides actionable data to drive development and increase engagement.