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Let everyone participate in the new way of working

We live in a rapidly changing world. Agile teams and organisations are paramount. Leadership is placed increasingly lower in the organisation. Classic HR processes no longer suit these new types of organisations. Treams helps you to make the transition to a new way of working and to develop the corresponding mindset among employees.

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Streamline performance management while changing your organisation

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Save time by focusing on what is important

Give employees control over their career

Create opportunity for honest communication

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Focus on what is important

Save time by focusing on what is important

It takes an enormous amount of time to conjure up something decent on paper for every employee every year. Treams automates all repetitive and tedious tasks, allowing you to focus on what really is important. This is how you manage all your employees on one clear dashboard and have the ability to easily zoom in on performance.

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Give employees control over their career

75% of employees find it important to be in control of their own development. However, only 45% actually experience this freedom. In Treams you let employees gain feedback from the right people at the right time and have the ability to easily set goals which contribute to their personal development path.


Create opportunity for honest communication

Feedback is an essential part of continuous development, improved performance and teamwork. By giving employees frequent forward-looking feedback, they have the ability to improve their performance little by little. Thanks to Treams, you ask the right questions and improve the quality of feedback. In addition, Treams helps you to have useful feedback conversations at the right time.

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more engaged employees as they set their own goals


of employees are very satisfied with Treams thanks to the personalization of performance management


More retention of top talent by offering development perspectives and growth opportunities

“In order to provide employees with the sufficient knowledge and ensure the right people are in the right place, our focus is now on the development of talent. We have more talent in-house than we might think, which is why we want to think in terms of roles instead of job titles. We focus on the natural talents that someone has. What are they good at, what do they like and what do they feel comfortable with? This means we let go of job titles and focus on the role that someone can have within our organisation and what contribution they can make to the goals of Wonen Limburg”.

Tonny Gallardo, Office Manager at Wonen Limburg


Vind gemakkelijk talent met Treams

Better progress

Close the backdoor. Offer top talent a challenging perspective

When a valued employee leaves the company, it can cost the equivalent of 6 to 9 months’ salary to fully replace this employee. Treams is equipped with smart dashboards to provide you with the right signals and insights to facilitate progression and retain your top talent.

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Stop performance appraisals, start coaching

Throw old-fashioned forms out the window and stop with the five-point scale. Assessing an employee this way does not lead to better performance. By acquiring input from a variety of sources, Treams makes the process fair. Empower managers to become impactful coaches for their employees and teams and equip them with the tools they need.

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Create a team everyone wants to be in

Research shows high engagement leads to increased productivity, retention and profitability. Treams provides you with real-time insight into employee engagement and provides actionable data to drive development and increase engagement.