Redefine performance management with Treams

Make your performance review digital and turn it into an experience employees enjoy.

Save valuable time

Managers spend 200 hours a year on average assessing employees. Let Treams automate your entire communication cycle and ensure the right discussion at the right time. Save employees and supervisors time for them to put their energy in other valuable activities.

Retain top talent

When a valued employee leaves the company, it can cost the equivalent of 6 to 9 months’ salary to fully replace this employee. The knowledge and experience which leaves the company is sometimes priceless. Treams provides you with strategic insights to help you facilitate advancement and retain top talent.

Make work more fun

You strive to keep your employees growing, but work also has to remain fun. With the accessible platform of Treams you will have everyone up and running in no time. Our unique approach continues to inspire and worthwhile conversations are guaranteed!

Performance enhancement is a continuous process of development and learning

In order to enhance performance it is important for the focus to be on continuous improvement. Small steps and slight improvements lead to big change. Treams helps employees to continuously develop on the job to ensure they achieve their goals faster.

Choose from a wide selection of templates

Get started with our ready-to-use templates. This means the content of the growth develoment cycle is in line with what someone can and wants to develop. And because everyone can decide for themselves when, what and how they develop, it actually happens quite naturally. Choose, click, done!

Templates voor performance management cyclus
Online feedback tool - Treams - 360 graden feedback

Implement regular feedback moments

The more precise a request for feedback is formulated, the better feedback you will receive. Treams helps employees to ask a good feedback question. You can choose from more than 10 categories and over 150 sample questions. A good start – that’s half the battle!

It goes without saying that Treams regularly reminds you to ask for feedback and to respond to feedback requests from colleagues. This means the platform helps you to make the feedback culture lively and valuable. Research shows a strong feedback culture is the biggest driver for sustainable financial performance of companies.

Ongoing goals

A goal encourages action and movement. Most impact is achieved when employees set their own goals: this means they own their own performance. Treams helps employees to easily set ongoing goals themselves. Give each goal its own deadline and the system will take care of the rest.

In addition to ownership, the connection with organisational goals is also an important factor for committed and enthusiastic employees. When their achievements contribute directly to the success of the organisation, it amasses energy and a sense of purpose. Treams shows the entire organisation what the most important business goals are, as well as making it possible to easily link individual and team goals to the organisational goals.

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Smart reminders and a clear inbox with action points

Treams is your ideal sidekick to ensure the right people are considered at the right time. This is important because employees like to feel appreciated. Treams ensures no one is left unseen.

Everyone has their own personal assistant who provides smart reminders and a clear inbox to ensure requests from colleagues are answered in a timely manner. You also get insight into the upcoming milestones of your team(s), arranged per week. Your team will be thrilled to have better and more attentive communication with you.

When development and performance are optimally in sync, all pieces of the puzzle fall into place

Research shows it is important that the right people work in the right position. This is of course easier said than done. Treams provides real-time insight into the talents and ambitions of all employees. Giving you the ability to optimally match what someone is able to and wants to further develop to the work they do. The right development opportunity at the right time. If the match is correct, employees will fly. The sky is the limit!

Make a fair evaluation

It is essential an evaluation of a person’s development and performance is considered fair and equitable. This is achieved when the input is collected broadly: not just from one perspective, but from the experiences of several colleagues and customers. The result should certainly not be a one-sided assessment, but a joint reflection which forms the starting point for further development and growth. Focus on what is successful and look to the future!

Online medewerkersevaluatie - beoordelingsgesprekken online
Vind de juiste medewerkers met de juiste skills of ervaring

Find the people with the right skills

In Treams, every employee can see each other’s strengths. This is a huge accelerator for talent development as everyone can learn from each other and with each other. Find someone who has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you further. And get found on your strengths for an interesting task. This is how ‘developing together’ takes on a whole new meaning thanks to Treams.

Get started in minutes

After an account has been created, you are able to get started straightaway. Our smart onboarding wizard helps you with a number of simple steps to set up your Treams environment. In just a few clicks you are ready to invite colleagues and get started. We’ve made it super easy for you to get everyone excited about Treams. By the way, have we mentioned that Treams is available on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile)?

Available on any device

Fast and easy to use

Safety is paramount

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We strive for our employees to develop. For this to happen you need the input of someone else. Treams has made employees aware that receiving and giving feedback is not scary and giving compliments can be fun!

Petra Hasselo, HR Manager at Brabantia

Grow smarter through actionable data

Treams provides real-time insights about the development, performance and involvement of your employees and teams. Strategic HR takes on a new dimension thanks to insight into everything in the field of advancement and outflow: from leadership to reasons for leaving and from involvement to prodigies. The growth control center at Treams is unique with dashboards at employee, team and organisational level. Treams helps you to make better decisions and enables you to grow smarter than your competitor.

Employee dashboard

From an employee standpoint, insight into where he/she stands in terms of development is extremely important. A mirror which is important for reflection and growth. The Treams growth control center offers employees a unique insight into their development over time. The employee also gains insight into his/her strengths and the right tools to improve.

Team dashboard

Anyone who has ever worked in a successful team knows there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. The growth control center of Treams helps you build strong teams. A strong team learns from and with each other, is honest about feedback and has an open culture. When things are not going smoothly, Treams provides you with the tools to rebuild the team. Treams is the ideal sidekick for any team leader.

Organisation dashboard

The organisation dashboard in the growth control center of Treams which provides strategic insights into the beating heart of your organisation: your people. Not only do you know exactly how the company is doing in terms of performance at any time, you are also able to see which employees and teams are developing at lightning speed and which are having difficulties. Treams also provides insight into the two biggest engines for growth: leadership and employee engagement. Performance management has never been more relevant.

All your data is safe

Our customers’ trust and the security of their data are critical to everything we do. Treams exceeds the industry standard when it comes to protecting your information and data. Privacy by design is the norm in the development of our software: security is included in the design from day one. This is how we know for certain that we have set it up properly.

Safety features

We lend a helping hand,
every step of the way.

With assistance

Your personal Happy Customers Officer helps you to get the most out of Treams and ensures you see a tangible return on your investment.

Find your own way

Our extensive knowledge center allows you to get started on the platform without assistance. Our onboarding wizard helps you prepare the environment for use in just a few clicks. Choose, click, done!

24/7 helpdesk

Of course we are here to help anytime you need it. Just send us a ticket with your question or problem and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.