Stop appraisals

Stop performance appraisals, start coaching

The classic appraisal process leads to dissatisfaction for both employees and managers. In addition, it takes a considerable amount of time. Stop this ‘has to be done’ and say goodbye to boring forms and awkward conversations today. Introduce a new way of working which helps employees to be the best version of themselves. Treams helps you to introduce a healthy frequent feedback loop. The combination with short-cycle objectives ensures the focus is on the future instead of the past. This is how Treams ensures conversations are current, short and valuable.

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Create an experience employees relish

Save time by focusing on what is important

Give employees control over their career

Short-cycle work leads to better performance

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Focus on the future, not the past

Save time by focusing on what is important

Stop wasting time by endlessly looking back at what went wrong. It is better to focus on what has to be done. Treams ensures you no longer spend time on repetitive and tedious tasks in the HR cycle. You have an overview of all employees on one clear dashboard. In addition, thanks to the smart inbox of Treams, you always have an overview of what you have to do in the near future, you get signals of what is important now and employees are put to work. Saving you valuable time.

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In the driver’s seat

Give employees control over their career

Employees perform best when they are at the helm of their own development. By actively giving employees this responsibility, you reduce work for the manager. Employees are happy, as they are helped to retrieve 360 degree feedback at the right time and managers have time to spare. An evaluation leads to much more satisfaction: it is less work and the insights are much richer!

Adjust at any time

Short-cycle work leads to better performance

Working once a year on goals or personal development is no longer enough. In today’s dynamic world, we regularly have to reinvent ourselves. It is essential to continuously learn, develop and improve our performance. Treams helps you to set short-cycle goals which integrate naturally into daily work and therefore have a direct impact. By having insight into the progress of goals at any time, timely adjustments can be made. And when goals are achieved, this is cause for celebration! This is also how Treams helps to make everyone’s contribution visible, which is the basis for recognition and appreciation.

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Is the number of languages which Treams is available in. Ideal for international teams.


Employees are very satisfied with Treams thanks to development goals tailored to their own level.


of all our users only use Treams on their mobile phone.

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Instead of excel sheets, with three evaluation moments per year, we work on a development process which is more continuous. In order to ensure that working on development is seen by employees as a challenge, it is important the new way of assessment & development offers the opportunity to work on this continuously, gives insight into the progress of development and is easy and fun to use.

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Asking for continuous feedback has become the way of life

Achieving your goals with a pat on the back is one of the most pleasant experiences you can have at work. However, in practice goals often die a slow death. This is why they are taking a different approach at Infoland. No traditional evaluation moments twice a year, but 365 days of feedback from colleagues as a way of life.


Write a performance evaluation; employees must be capable of doing this themselves

Every year it is a recurring moment … the appraisal interviews take place. It takes a lot of work to put something decent on paper for everyone. In addition, employees are (more often than not) tense about the appraisal interview. But why? Our philosophy is very simple; an employee must be capable of writing his/her own performance evaluation.

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Masterclass: work step-by-step towards a new HR cycle

Did you know that 95% of the managers and 59% of employees are dissatisfied with the current appraisal system of their organisation? Shocking, don’t you think?! In our masterclasses we help you work step-by-step towards a new HR cycle.