Gratis masterclass: Feedback: zo zorg je ervoor dat mensen het gaan én blijven doen

Treams for retail

Personalise performance management

Different employee groups with different needs: welcome to the world of retail. Treams has a suitable experience for every employee which leads to personal growth and better performance. We take into account different levels, work locations and job titles. As Treams is available on any device, every employee is given the opportunity to work on his/her own development.

Inzicht in prestaties van medewerkers, teams en organisatie met Treams

Forget one size fits all. Embrace diversity!

Development goals to match what an employee can and wants to do

An extension of your brand

Available to everyone, even without a company laptop

Join more than 10,000 retail teams using Treams

Templates for every profile

Match development goals to the needs of every employee

‘One size fits all’ no longer applies to the development and performance of employees. And certainly not in the retail sector. Based on years of experience, we have compiled various templates to ensure the development cycle fits well with what someone can and wants to do. This makes personal growth achievable for everyone which leads to higher motivation and satisfaction. Whether employees are in the store or work at the head office.

Templates voor performance management cyclus

An extension of your brand

Not just an app, your app!

Impress your employees with an impressive and inspiring online environment with its own look & feel. Your employees love your brand and ambassadors like this will be very happy with a stunning app. Employees who are proud of their employer radiate this to each other, customers and future colleagues. Give employees even more reason to be proud of their brand and invest straightaway in their personal growth and development with Treams.

Mobile first!

Different locations? No problem!

Not all your employees have access to a laptop or company phone. They can however still log into Treams anytime and anywhere thanks to the very latest mobile first technology. A download of an app on their private phone is not even necessary! Everyone can log in straightaway to your mobile Treams environment with one simple click. Of course, every employee can work with Treams in their own preferred language. This is why Treams is ideal for international teams. C’est super, non?

Treams mobiele app

Treams user experience


Is the number of languages which Treams is available in. In terms of language and content, connect with the different cultures of collaboration worldwide. Ideal for international teams.


Employees are very satisfied with Treams thanks to development goals tailored to their own level.


of all our users only use Treams on their mobile phone.

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We strive for our employees to develop. For this to happen you need the input of someone else. Treams has made employees aware that receiving and giving feedback is not scary and giving compliments can be fun!

Petra Hasselo, HR Manager at Brabantia


Inzicht in de prestaties en ontwikkeling van ieder team in Treams


Personalise performance management and let everyone enhance their performance

‘One size fits all’ no longer applies to the development and performance of employees. Whether it concerns different levels, job titles, age, culture or work location. Treams has a suitable solution for every employee.

Vind gemakkelijk talent met Treams


Convert organisational growth into development opportunities for employees

According to top talent, the lack of challenging work is the number one reason for leaving an organisation. Luckily the advantage of a (fast) growing organisation is that new challenges are presented every day. The company is constantly on the move and this offers plenty of opportunities for employees to grow. Treams makes it easy to gain insight into these development opportunities and to capitalize on them. This is how you retain your talent and not lose valuable employees to the competition.

Inzicht in managers die het goed doen in Treams


Create a team everyone wants to be in

Research shows high engagement leads to increased productivity, retention and profitability. Treams provides you with real-time insight into employee engagement and provides actionable data to drive development and increase engagement.